Who was 2pac dating when he died

"There could have been a number of people who didn't want Tupac to come through and realise who shot him."Carlin – author of Tupac 187 – is also regarded as an expert in the murder of Tupac's friend-turned-rival Notorious B. Harlem boy Tupac – often regarded as the greatest rapper of all time – was gunned down as he cruised through Las Vegas in a BMW after a boxing match at the MGM Grand casino.

Shakur, his named also written as "2Pac", was with Death Row Records owner Marion 'Suge' Knight.

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2 song’s that 2 pac came out with were written by XXXX XXXXX. He gave 4 demos to 2 pac to look over because he met 2pac at the Bonaventure hotel (Los Angeles). What night did not know was that XXXX XXXX found out that he was being sold to XXXXX. And XXXX XXXX and 2 pac had dispute about song’s that were taken. as days whent by there was meetings with ICG – gear gang – gost town –front street -52 –A try hoovers – and south park. "The night of the Tupac shooting he was nearest to the Cadillac and gave a statement to Las Vegas cops of the driver of the shooters' car.

2 pac promised that he would look over the demo’s XXXX XXXXX never heard from 2 pac and 3 months later after 2pac received the demos the song brendas got a baby was released. XXXX XXXXX let that slide, But he continued to go to different recording studios. "When we saw a picture of Danny he matched the description of the driver. " Wright Jr has long denied he had anything to do with the shooting of Tupac.

THIS is the startling 'confession letter' said to be key in finally solving the Tupac Shakur murder mystery.

US documentary maker and author RJ Bond claims the document names the killers and clears rap mogul Suge Knight of any involvement in the drive-by shooting.

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