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Michael Douglas Carlin – a leading expert surrounding the megastar's murder – also believes Tupac wasn't even the real target of the 1996 Las Vegas shooting.

The author made the remarkable assertions in a fresh TV interview."I am not sure whether he died because of the shooting or he died because someone did something to him in hospital," he told small-time online American network, Clank TV."He was supposed to make a recovery and all of a sudden he takes a turn for the worse. He worked closely with the LAPD detective Russell Poole who spearheaded both murder investigations.

It gives chilling details of the assassination telling how 'no-one would have made it out'.

It also tells of a background of a stolen rap song, a brutal gang beating and finally the bloody revenge hit.

The 25-year-old was shot four times in the chest, through a lung, the arm and in the chest when a man opened fire with a 40-calibre Glock handgun in a white Cadiallac.

2 pac promised that he would look over the demo’s XXXX XXXXX never heard from 2 pac and 3 months later after 2pac received the demos the song brendas got a baby was released. XXXX XXXXX let that slide, But he continued to go to different recording studios. "When we saw a picture of Danny he matched the description of the driver. " Wright Jr has long denied he had anything to do with the shooting of Tupac.

But as the Sun writes, Carlin believes many of the official police and medical records surrounding the actor's death are bogus.

He said: "The people behind his murder wanted to make sure no one would ever be tried for the crime." Carlin also says officers should look into his claims that music rivals wanted to take over £352m Death Row Records, but isn't optimistic."Tupac was hated by law enforcement.

His lyrics urged people to point guns at cops," he said."One Las Vegas police officer said to me 'why should we investigate the murder of a man who when asked who had shot him said to the officer 'f*** you'?

"The claims come after theories that Tupac is still alive and plans to come out of hiding in Cuba.

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