Who is nicola stapleton dating

Shane and Jasmine eventually sleep together, and Jasmine begins pressuring him for information on The Mc Farlanes. She then searches her flat and discovers a large sum of cash in his wardrobe.

She is then caught by Shane, and it soon transpires that Shane is in league with The Mc Farlanes, proving him to be a corrupt officer.

Shane constantly bullied Donna but was good friends with Ross.

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However, he corners her and tries to force himself upon her.

As he tried to force himself upon her she kneed him in the groin and ran to Ross Kirk's house, as Ross had seen the assault.

After her close shave with Shane, she decided to file a complaint against him, but Shane had guessed what she would do and so he told the Chief Superintendent that Donna had made a pass at him.

Shane began dating Jasmine Thomas, an undercover journalist, who was dating him to get information on his alleged connections to the criminal family The Mc Farlanes.

Shane and Jasmine met at The Woolpack, and later met again when Shane arrived at Jasmine's boyfriend Jake Doland's house, and provokes an attack from Jake, and subsequently arrests him for drunk and disorderly, while Jasmine dumps Jake for thinking that she'd ever cheat on him.

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