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The grand prize is 0,000, which is split among the remaining members of the team that wins the final challenge.

In the Gauntlet, the game played is determined by spinning a wheel.

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Ice skating If you live in Florida like me, you might have to search high and low for this option, but it is possible!– He was making it clear through his actions that while he may have pursued me, he had since realised he wasn’t ready for a relationship and was doing his utmost best to manage down my expectations by teaching me not to expect the same level of contact or effort as before.His actions were telling me that I was an ‘option’.There's nothing more fun than having a little healthy competition with your date.In the end, when it came to my ex Mr Unavailable and I, all of the answers were right in front of me and had been for the entire duration of our ‘relationship’.

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