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During the last half of the 19th century, under the leadership of President F. Barnard College was created in 1889 as a response to the university's refusal to accept women. Rabi, Enrico Fermi and Polykarp Kusch placed Columbia's Physics Department in the international spotlight in the 1940s after the first nuclear pile was built to start what became the Manhattan Project.

Under the leadership of Low's successor, Nicholas Murray Butler, who served for over four decades, Columbia rapidly became the nation's major institution for research, setting the "multiversity" model that later universities would adopt. In 1995, the School of General Studies was again reorganized as a full-fledged liberal arts college for non-traditional students (those who have had an academic break of one year or more, or are pursuing dual-degrees) and was fully integrated into Columbia's traditional undergraduate curriculum.

It has been among the most selective colleges in the United States since its founding.

With an undergraduate acceptance rate of 5.8%, Columbia currently stands as the third most selective college in the United States and the second most selective in the Ivy League.

Columbia University (Columbia; officially Columbia University in the City of New York), established in 1754, is a private Ivy League research university in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

In November 1813, the College agreed to incorporate its medical school with The College of Physicians and Surgeons, a new school created by the Regents of New York, forming Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.In 1751, the assembly appointed a commission of ten New York residents, seven of whom were members of the Church of England, to direct the funds accrued by the state lottery towards the foundation of a college. Johnson was the only instructor of the college's first class, which consisted of a mere eight students.Instruction was held in a new schoolhouse adjoining Trinity Church, located on what is now lower Broadway in Manhattan.The university also has global research outposts in Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Asunción and Nairobi.There are nearby institutions that are affiliated with Columbia including Barnard College, Teachers College, List College, and Union Theological Seminary.

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