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FORMER policeman Whitfield and Beard were hired in December 2006 for a one-night assignment and never left.

They became his closest confidants until Jackson's death on June 25, 2009.

Driven from his Neverland estate in Santa Ynez, California, claiming "it's contaminated by evil" after the 2005 child molestation trial that ended in his acquittal, Jackson spent his final years moving around the US in seclusion finally settling in a Las Vegas mansion behind high walls."He hated it," says Whitfield, recalling Jackson's loathing that neighbours were too close while paparazzi swarmed at the gate and even hid in trees.

Jackson was apparently always excited when Friend came to town and sent his bodyguards to buy her lavish gifts from stores such as Tiffany.

Flower would come a few days after Friend had left and Jackson would repeat his clandestine sex sessions.

Jackson carried a silver briefcase everywhere he went containing the two Oscars from Gone With The Wind that he had bought for nearly £1million in 1999 and another suitcase filled with cash.

He hoarded an entire pantry filled wall-to-wall with Tabasco sauce, danced alone in his home disco at 4am and hated his reflection so much that he covered hotel mirrors with sheets.

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