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The Police Department requests a written request and proof of identification before releasing a copy of an accident report.

There is a .00 fee to the individual involved in the accident, vehicle owner, or insurance companies.

While the town does not require a decal, it does add the fee for the decal (referred to as a "vehicle license fee") onto the first half of your personal property tax bill.

You can use the drawing as a gift, avatar, poster, T-shirt or just print it. https:// your complaint is related to utility billing, tall grass, or zoning, please contact the Municipal Office at 540-459-3621.

If your complaint is related to streets, water and sewer, parks, or general grounds maintenance, please contact Public Works at 540-459-3045.

Payments may be made by cash, personal checks, cashiers check, or money orders.

Credit and debit cards can be accepted through Official Payments on our website's homepage.

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