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Each of them approaches the problem from a different angle, focusing on different aspects of regeneration, and using different vertebrate models.

How are some animals able to regrow body parts following injury? Can scientists learn the secrets that imbue certain animals with this amazing ability?Sandwiched between the sea lamprey and the axolotl on evolution's vast timeline — about 400 million years ago — another vertebrate appeared on the scene with the ability to regenerate an impressive variety of different tissues: the zebrafish.This minnow-like freshwater fish is central to the research of Ann Morris, who is interested specifically in its ability to regenerate retinal cells. Degenerative diseases of the retina — such as retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration — are the leading causes of blindness in older adults."But really, genomics is almost as pleasing, if not more pleasing than that.By accessing the genomes of these animals, describing them, and then comparing them with other genomes that have been sequenced, you’re often the first person to know what was going on half a billion years ago.

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