Kremenchug larissa dating

Last week she contacted me again as Maria from Russia using some photos identical to the ones used in 2004. We began a long correspondence after she pleaded with me not to neglect her because she was from Russia.

Scott (USA) Report N9 (added on April, 12, 2005) J'ai ete contact? With each letter, the friendship became more romantic till she claimed she was about to lose internet access and take vacation at same time. She promised to pay all expenses, but made a deal for an airline ticket in which she claimed she would lose hundreds of dollars if I did not come immediately to her rescue with 4 USD.

One I found intersting with "Yana" is that she referred to herself getting into a bath tub by lifting "him" referring to her leg which is a feminine nown in Russian if you are a woman...hmmmm...maybe the guys are just as big a part of this as the gals. Dave (USA) Report N8 (added on April, 12, 2005) This person contacted me in 2004 using the name Oksana from Kiev.

They either use a form letter or they are the same person operating under different names.So I asked some friends of mine who live in Sweden to do some checking up on her and they found this websight with her pictures on it.They are the exact same pictures that she sent to me in her e-mails.Joe (USA) Report N3 Inna began writing me in late 2003, and described herself as an orphan and medical doctor, living in Saratov.We wrote alot to each other and we planned on meeting, but she asked for no money, until the last moment, I sent 0.00 US dollars, thru Money Gram, but she said she needed more.

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