Existing dating sites in asia countries

This may or may not be a concern for you, but in order to set out my own thoughts on the moral implications of partaking in this industry, I have prepared a separate article which you can read here: Morals & Prostitution As an early heads up, my own opinion sits on the fence and leaves it up to the reader to decide what is right for himself.

Consenting adults is the name of the game in my view and, so long as no third party is harmed, I personally have no problem with any of it.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of problems that occur with cross-culture dating are due to simple misunderstandings of one sort or another.

You might assume that the language barrier is the biggest problem, but many Asian girls have got a decent grasp of English, and most of the others can easily find an interpreter to help out if need be.

“The period between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day is our busiest six weeks of the year,” explains Sam Yagan, the boss of Ok Cupid, a big American dating site.

The existence of the pay for pleasure industry in this part of the world is well documented, and you are probably aware that if anyone back home becomes aware of your travels to places like Thailand, they will commonly assume that you will be liaising with ladies of the night.I write this as a UK citizen, but from what I read online and hear from my friends in the USA, it only gets worse on the other side of the pond.But enough about the west; this site is about the opportunities for a new life, or a new adventure, with Southeast Asian girls, tropical weather, the world’s best nightlife, tasty food, and a low cost of living.You’ll no doubt be astounded to read that, at one time, regular Southeast Asian ladies would routinely dismiss us westerners as a bunch of sex-tourists, and shun our romantic overtures...Times have changed and that is no longer the case, but the biggest hurdle to long-term success still remains, and by that I’m referring to the culture gap.

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