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As the mayor puts it, "Utah kids are raised through the barrel of a .22." In Park City, that redneck influence generates mind-boggling combinations of rough-and-tumble culture and highbrow approach to adventure.

Unlike Telluride or Aspen, it has a major city, Salt Lake, and an international airport 30 minutes away.

Those who can't swing a million-plus for a house either hunt for deals—small homes can be found for as little as, er, 0,000—or head 15 miles downvalley for something in the 0,000 price range.

All of this gives Park City its reputation as a ritzy toy town, but it's still in Utah, one of the most rural and conservative states in the nation.

But living in utopia is expensive—60 percent higher than the national average.

Less than a third of the town's population has their primary residence within city limits.

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