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Not surprisingly, it's tourism that provides 60 percent of the living-wage-paying jobs, with medical care not far behind.

"Everybody here either is or pretends to be a pro athlete," says Stacy Mc Cooey, 31, a physical therapist at one of the town's six clinics.

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" asks Dana Williams, the 58-year-old mayor of Park City, Utah, nodding toward a fit thirty-something guy in a flat-brimmed baseball hat.

In a nearby soccer field, 70 women—many pregnant, most already moms—were charging through a Cross Fit workout.

The high school even has an Adventure PE class, where students get credit for leaving campus to mountain-bike, trail-run, or ski or snowboard with friends.

Every few minutes, little knots of bikers pedal past.

This being a small town, Williams, who looks a bit like Jack Nicholson, can barely complete a thought without getting a hug from a constituent.

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