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After graduation, Ben served as a youth pastor in Spring, Texas, as a teacher at Houston's Metro Bible Study, and as a speaker at youth camps and conferences.

Along with Breakaway, Ben currently attends Dallas Theological Seminary and enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Donna, and their dog, Tai.

In our last gathering before Sabbath, Cumberland Location Pastors Bryson and Emily Vogletanz share with us how they have learned to take moments to remember the faithfulness of God and remind us of the importance of doing the same.God has gifted you with opportunity, ability, and experience. What would it take for an invitation to wow you these days? In comparison, the fact that the One who breathed out that very star chose to give His..With all of the access we have to entertainers, celebrities, and icons via social media, what invitation would seem worth it to interrupt your daily life? Right now, at this moment, the Earth with you on it is spinning on its axis at close to a thousand miles an hour. In a room alone, or an arena full of thousands, we've all felt insignificant; as if no one notices us at all.Listen as the panel argues, admits, and attempts to be real about when coffee and our Christian walk collide.[] - Ben was the last in his friend group to get married.

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