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His neighbour in Pennsylvania, Oscar Hammerstein II, was responsible for fostering in Sondheim an interest of writing for musicals and also taught him a lot on this subject.

Soon after his graduation, Sondheim started auditioning his songs, but struggled to get anything substantial for a few years.

was nominated for 14 Tony Awards and won 6 when it debuted in 1970.

The story revolves around Robert, a confirmed bachelor, and his married friends who are trying to convince him to settle down with one of his three girlfriends.

[BOTH] Though it's different for each [CINDERELLA'S PRINCE] Always ten steps behind— [RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE] Always ten feet below— [BOTH] And she's just out of reach Agony that can cut like a knife!

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Over next four decades, Sondheim staked his claim to being one of the very best by delivering numerous brilliant performances, both with his music and lyrics.

As previously reported, Stephen Sondheim and David Ives are at work on a new Luis Buñuel-inspired musical for the Public Theater, and it’s right around the corner.

The legendary composer announced at the Glimmerglass Festival in upstate New York that the show would premiere in 2017, according to The Washington Post.

[LEONA] Some people cry at Vienna or Rome This one is mine, Cookie, this one is home Look, they even painted the damn sky Just so Leona could come here and cry [MAURO, spoken] Lady, let's go!

[VENICIAN MAN, spoken] Hey, lady, look out, you're gonna fall in!

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