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was nominated for 14 Tony Awards and won 6 when it debuted in 1970.

The story revolves around Robert, a confirmed bachelor, and his married friends who are trying to convince him to settle down with one of his three girlfriends.

I had this dream of becoming an artist A painter, a poet, who knows?

I had a nice little talent for drawing And a natural feeling for prose I even began to compose So many talents Wasn't I blessed?

I'd be their host and supporter The patron saint Of the things that they'd write And compose and paint I shall wander among them with lavish praise As they carve their statues Construct their plays Design their buildings Recite their rhymes Making modern art Fit for modern times! Painters and poets Artists and dreamers Watered like grass And if the talent I have Is for nurturing talent Then succeed or fail I will see they sail First class And my father can go stick it up his ass!

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[CINDERELLA'S PRINCE] Did I abuse her or show her disdain? If I should lose her, how shall I regain The heart she has won from me? Beyond power of speech When the one thing you want Is the only thing out of your reach [RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE] High in her tower, she sits by the hour Maintaining her hair Blithe and becoming, and frequently humming A lighthearted air...

[LEONA] Some people cry at Vienna or Rome This one is mine, Cookie, this one is home Look, they even painted the damn sky Just so Leona could come here and cry [MAURO, spoken] Lady, let's go!

[VENICIAN MAN, spoken] Hey, lady, look out, you're gonna fall in!

At the New Yorker Festival in 2014, Sondheim described the two as works about a group of people attempting to dine together and the nightmarish aftermath of a group dining together, respectively.

His father, Herbert Sondheim, was a successful dress manufacturer, his mother, Janet Fox, a fashion designer.

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