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All of them good A few of them better None of them best Just enough talent To know that I hadn't the talent So I put my dream And my self-esteem To rest [ADDISON, spoken] That must have been difficult [HOLLIS, spoken] Yes. I merely had to find out what I was meant to be (sung) I couldn't decide Then one day I spied Palm Beach A speck on the map No more than a gap Palm beach Jungle and seashore, muddy and raw But in a flash I suddenly saw What it would take What I could make Palm Beach!

He wasn’t afraid to try the unconventional and his concept comedies achieved a lot of success. [RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE] What's as intriguing— [CINDERELLA'S PRINCE] Or half so fatiguing— [BOTH] As what's out of reach? As they each speak of the respective woman they are pursuing, they try to outdo one another in terms of how much pain they claim they are in. Till you're climbing her hair, and you see her Up there, as you're nearing her All the while hearing her 'A-a-a-a-a-a-ah.' [BOTH] Agony! I must have her to wife Cinderella and Rapunzel’s princes (who are brothers, as we learn) catch up with each other in the woods.At the New Yorker Festival in 2014, Sondheim described the two as works about a group of people attempting to dine together and the nightmarish aftermath of a group dining together, respectively. His father, Herbert Sondheim, was a successful dress manufacturer, his mother, Janet Fox, a fashion designer.

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