Twitter follower count not updating

But any time it did it, the company would have to be fully braced for the impact.Think about it: 140 million people wake up one day with their videogame score changed by the referees.The sheer weight of fake and inactive followers is not great for the company's image.Even the @Twitter account itself has 33% fake followers, according to one count.

Active followers would become the default metric anyway — and if your total follower count is significantly larger, that would be socially embarrassing in itself. Secondly, a company that sees Apple as a mentor is not likely to want to clutter up its design with any more elements.There are two kinds of Twitter users: those who pay close attention to their follower counts, and those who are lying. (It doesn't account for the vast swathe of inactive Twitter users who aren't paying attention at all.) But it's not far from the truth, is it?Even non-sentient spambot accounts spend their time trying to gain as many followers as possible."The dream metric is really how many people see your tweet," Twitter co-founder Ev Williams said at an event Monday night.That was in response to a question about whether Twitter should remove inactive and spam followers from your total, and simply list the number of active followers. I think that's a great idea," Williams said, before proposing his alternate retweet metric as an even better idea. If Williams is talking about it, you can guarantee the idea has been frequently batted around at Twitter HQ.

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