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However Kratz argues this theory was disproved early on - with a nurse providing written testimony that she made the hole in the vial when she originally drew the blood from Avery.'The filmmakers, Kratz claims, knew at the time of the trial that this theory wasn't true because the defense team abandoned it - it turned out a nurse put that hole in the vial when she took the blood from Avery and she gave a sworn statement saying that.'But you wouldn't have known that if you watch Making A Murderer and you hear Avery's lawyer Jerry Buting says, 'This is a red letter day for the defense now we have this hole.' 'Well they don't tell you over the next four or five episodes that is nonsense and it has been proven so.'They are fooling people and shame on them.'They also suggest that Lt.

Lenk sent the vial of blood to the crime lab for testing and the filmmakers show the transmittal form as proof it was used to transmit the blood.'Well we come to find out that the vial of blood was never transmitted at all and Lt.

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This, he claims proves that Avery lured Teresa to the yard, and to cut it out distorts the entire message.

'I hope people are not only going to be angry, but that the film industry does something - for example create a set of standards - to make sure this doesn't happen again.'At the very least I don't think these filmmakers can truly say any longer that they didn't know what they were doing - or that they weren't editing it for the sole purpose of suggesting Mr. That is obviously what they were doing.'If I was able to spoon feed an audience for 10 hours facts that I could pick and choose, edit or even create from other clips I could get an audience to believe whatever I wanted them to believe.'I think everyone who watched that show has an entitlement to be angry that this happened, that they were fooled, that they were convinced to act and sign petitions for Avery's release when it turns out he's exactly where he belongs.'For Kratz, the hidden tragedy of what became a hugely successful documentary is the devastating impact the series had on the lives of Lt. Exploding glitter bomb packages were sent to Kratz's office and that of the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department.

Chillingly, Kratz even received messages from men who said they wanted to rape and kill his daughter - fortunately he does not have a daughter. Lenk suffered a heart attack soon after Making A Murderer came out while Sgt.

In the film’s trailer, Poirot tells them: ‘I see evil on this train. ’ the camera turns to reveal Poirot – ‘probably the greatest detective in the world’.

In the photo above, the characters from left to right are:(1) Hollywood veteran Dafoe as Prof Hardman;(2) Sergei Polunin is mysterious aristocrat Count Rudolph Andrenyi;(3) Penelope Cruz as Spanish missionary Miss Estravados;(4) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is Cuban charmer Biniamino Marquez;(5) Britain’s Miss Ridley plays governess Miss Debenham.(6) Leslie Odom Jr is soldier Colonel John Arbuthnot; (7) Dame Judi Dench plays imperious Princess Natalia Dragomiroff; (8) Michelle Pfeiffer is ageless stage diva Caroline Hubbard; (9) Josh Gad is Hector Mac Queen, Mr Ratchett’s secretary;(10) Sir Derek Jacobi plays the murdered man’s valet.

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