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No one returned calls and emails asking for comment from the North-American Interfraternity Conference, and a University of South Carolina media staffer was not able to return with comments.

Oconee County deputies said Wednesday that there is no evidence that Hipps' death was a result of hazing, but they are still trying to piece together what happened.

Universities and colleges nationwide have stepped up efforts to combat activities such as sexual assaults, binge drinking and hazing in the wake of studies by the University of Maine and other institutions indicating the practices are widespread and embedded in student culture.

Both C of C and the University of South Carolina keep active websites, programs and conduct on-campus education efforts on the issues.

Clemson University has suspended activities for all 24 of the student fraternities following reports ranging from alcohol abuse to sexual misconduct, days after a fraternity member died and was found in the water under a bridge, and four years after the university did virtually the same thing for similar problems The death of Tucker Hipps has not been tied to hazing, according to Oconee County Sheriff's deputies.

Hipps was found in the water under a bridge after fraternity brothers said he fell behind on an early morning run.

The policy would allow campus police to conduct a search of a fraternity or sorority house without a warrant if they give 24 hours notice, unless they suspect imminent danger, in which case they could raid the building immediately.

Clemson University spokesman John Gouch says alleged criminal incidents have been reported to police while the university is investigating violations of the school's conduct code.

Fraternity members noticed Hipps wasn't at breakfast and reported him missing to university police at p.m.

His body was found under the bridge just west of campus a few hours later, according to deputies and university officials.

"The proximity of the bars to the College of Charleston makes our problems concerning.

We're constantly doing education, throughout the year, through all sorts of media."Efforts to reach a number of C of C fraternities about the Clemson suspensions were not successful except for one chapter president who said he would make no comment.

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