Greek sex cam profiles

The apparent recurrence of "Animal House" antics at the Upstate school during "rush" activities is a symptom of a bigger, endemic problem.

Oconee County deputies said Wednesday that there is no evidence that Hipps' death was a result of hazing, but they are still trying to piece together what happened.

Universities and colleges nationwide have stepped up efforts to combat activities such as sexual assaults, binge drinking and hazing in the wake of studies by the University of Maine and other institutions indicating the practices are widespread and embedded in student culture.

Both C of C and the University of South Carolina keep active websites, programs and conduct on-campus education efforts on the issues.

The suspension is intended to give fraternities time to work with other student and campus organizations to make sure members stay safe, Gouch said."They didn't want to put a deadline on it because they wanted to give everyone plenty of time to think," Gouch said.

Clemson placed similar restrictions on Greek organizations four years ago, also after allegations of criminal activities. Editor's Note: Previous versions of this story contained an error.

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