Government mandating of employee benefits

Large group plans do tend to be fairly robust, however.And some other mandates (for example, the requirement—described below—that all plans offered by employers with 15 or more employees cover maternity care) apply to the large group market.The requirement to include EHBs applies to all individual and small group plans with effective dates of January 1, 2014 or later.The list of EHBs includes: have to be covered by large group plans ("large group" generally means plans offered by employers with more than 50 employees, although there are four states where "small group" includes employers with up to 100 employees).One state may limit the number of chiropractor visits to four each year while another state may allow up to 12 chiropractor visits each year.

A number of health care benefits are mandated by either state law, federal law — or in some cases — both.

Hospitals have merged, physician groups have merged, and hospital and physicians have formed organizations. At the same time, the medical industry is undergoing a slow but steady transformation from not-for-profit dominance to for-profit dominance.

The papers contained in explore these questions and issues.

Patient advocates claim that mandates help to ensure adequate health insurance protection while others (especially health insurance companies) complain that mandates increase the cost of healthcare and health insurance.

Mandated health insurance laws passed at either the federal or state level usually fall into one of three categories: The mandated benefit laws most often apply to health insurance coverage offered by employers and private health insurance purchased by individuals, either through the health insurance exchanges or off-exchange.

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