Government mandating of employee benefits

Patient advocates claim that mandates help to ensure adequate health insurance protection while others (especially health insurance companies) complain that mandates increase the cost of healthcare and health insurance.Mandated health insurance laws passed at either the federal or state level usually fall into one of three categories: The mandated benefit laws most often apply to health insurance coverage offered by employers and private health insurance purchased by individuals, either through the health insurance exchanges or off-exchange.The growth of managed care has also placed considerable pressure on providers of health care services and has stimulated responses by both providers and third-party payers.One of the most important responses has been consolidation both within sectors and across sectors.Between the federal government and the states, there are thousands of health insurance mandates.Although mandates continue to be added as health insurance requirements, they are controversial.Mandated benefits (also known as “mandated health insurance benefits” and “mandates”) are benefits that are required to cover the treatment of specific health conditions, certain types of healthcare providers, and some categories of dependents, such as children placed for adoption.

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The authors make many points that will be controversial, but they agree on one point overall: managed care and employment-based health benefits will look different in the future than they do today.Additionally, the lack of mandates could also the cost of healthcare and health insurance premiums.If someone who has a medical problem goes without necessary health care because it is not covered by her insurance, she may become sicker and need more expensive services in the future.The mandate laws differ from state to state and even for the same mandate, the rules and regulations may vary.For example, most states mandate coverage for chiropractors, but the number of allowed visits may vary from state to state.

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