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By initiating a discussion with a person, you can be sure to speak with a real person.

Otherwise, just specify that the application is available only on i OS.

After Grinder and Tinder, one could well be entitled to a new way of applying encounters, by category.

3Somer (12MB) is the first to allow easy leg parts in the air, with three or more people.

If some of your friends suddenly “join” in the days ahead, you’ll know why.

It’s nice to talk about 3 shots, but it’s still better when you go to action, so 3Somer will block the conversations after 3 days, to avoid being flogged eternally.

3Somer (Threesomer) is a mobile dating application designed specifically for Threesome dating For Couples & Singles .

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To do this, simply go through the messaging system of the platform.

The most interesting with 3Somer is that on the platform, false profiles are rare.

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