Dating a leo male single and lonely dating online

He likes to be involved in several activities but unlike an Aries or Gemini guy, your Leo is capable of handling big projects.

This is one of the many reasons which make him a natural leader of men.

This guy will readily give a lot to the relationship and quickly allow you to become a part of his life, even though it may sometimes mean sharing him with his gallery of admirers.

He is unlikely to be stingy in his love, both emotionally and materially.

Much like the King of the Jungle whose sign they bear, men born into this Zodiac – 22nd of July to 23rd of August – like to live life king size.

This expansiveness influences all aspects of their lives including personal relationships.

Generosity of nature is what chiefly attracts women to a Leo man.

Men born under this sign are open and warm with a sincere temperament.

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