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No written record exists about the early Buddhism in the Philippines.

The recent archaeological discoveries and the few scant references in the other nations’s historical records can tell, however, about the existence of Buddhism from the 9th century onward in the islands. The Philippines’s early states must have become the tributary states of the powerful Buddhist Srivijaya empire that controlled the trade and its sea routes from the 6th century to the 13th century in Southeast Asia.

Every November, Filipino families celebrate All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day as a single holiday in honour of the saints and the dead, visiting and cleaning ancestral graves, offering prayers, and feasting.

and because of this, most publications refer to him as the founder of the church.

Several schools of Buddhism are present in the Philippines – Mahayana, Vajrayana, Theravada, as well as groups such as Soka Gakkai International.

Christianity arrived in the Philippines with the landing of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

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Missionary activity during the country’s colonial rule by Spain and the United States led the transformation of the Philippines into the first and then, along with East Timor, one of two predominantly Catholic nations in East Asia, with approximately 92.5% of the population belonging to the Christian faith.

Variations of animistic practices occur in different ethnic groups. Its practitioners were highly respected (and some feared) in the community, as they were healers, midwives (hilot), shamans, witches andwarlocks (mangkukulam), priests/priestesses (babaylan/katalonan), tribal historians and wizened elders that provided the spiritual and traditional life of the community.

In the Visayan regions, shamanistic and animistic beliefs in witchcraft (barang) and mythical creatures like aswang (vampires), duwende (dwarves), and bakonawa (a gigantic sea serpent), may exist in some indigenous peoples alongside more mainstream Christian and Islamic faiths.

Some seven million people responded to the call between 22–25 February, and the non-violent protests successfully forced President Ferdinand E. Several Catholic holidays are culturally important as family occasions, and are observed in the civil calendar.

Chief among these are Christmas, which includes celebrations of the civil New Year, and the more solemn Holy Week, which may occur in March or April.

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