Yoo ha na dating

Reports initially identified her as the CEO of a shopping mall and the youngest daughter of a Food Corporation’s founder.“Haha it’s only the morning and what is all this… There are so many problems with reporters hahahahahahaha So I guess I had a boyfriend for 1 year hahaha Also I apparently have a shopping mall hahaha I didn’t even know that! I really want to become a shopping mall owner hahahah I’ve never ran a shopping mall before. These articles are not true, it’s so surprising.” — Hwang Hana (Yoochun’s Girlfriend) While her message could be taken as her denying that she was dating Yoochun for one year, it seems to deny the entire relationship. I also want you people to think before you comment.

Recently, Kim Go Eun and her boyfriend Shin Ha Kyun broke up their relationship.

He and his fiancée, Hwang Hana, have reportedly been dating for more than a year.

According to various reports, she comes from a wealthy family and has hung out with various celebrities, including Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, among others.

[ 64, -7] I don't know about dating Gong Yoo but it probably is over between her and Shin Ha Gyun4. The blind item was about how Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Gyun broke up at the start of 'Goblin' and she hit on Gong Yoo super hard until they started dating.

to break up with someone and then put up a picture of their new lover like that so blatantly.. [ 73, -5] But it's always pictures at timings like this that cause misunderstandings 15.

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