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It turns out once a husband has put in his decades of toil supporting his wife and children, he isn’t needed anymore. And women, the prime instigators of this rise in late-life separations, are citing the deathly hush that descends on their homes when their children leave as one of the prime causes of marital breakdown.

For a glimpse into how this works, consider the case of Sarah and Thomas.

…They often feel resentful that their husbands have invested so much effort in their work and so little time in them.

Another victim of a husband who selfishly slaved to support his family is Margaret White.

Now that he is retired and divorced he focuses on his passion, customizing and repairing electric guitars.

If only he had made this change decades ago instead of frittering his time away in sales, he could have avoided his well deserved punishment: ‘I miss my children very much.

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Sure she made a solemn vow in front of God, their friends, and their family, but she didn’t know she was marrying a criminal.

I hereby find her husband Peter guilty of the crime of boringness, with added charges of pre-meditated industry and loyalty: The layabout quit being a stone mason in his youthful mid 60s. Yet another woman victimized by a boring loyal husband is Trisha Watson. ‘John felt that I no longer understood him or his needs and I thought he was acting like a big baby. ‘I think women of my age are no longer prepared to endure immature men who erode our self-esteem. Their daughter kept up the momentum of the victory and dealt out her own punishment on her boring loyal father.

I miss being part of a family,’ ‘I find myself sitting and crying at romantic old films on the television.

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