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Now that he is retired and divorced he focuses on his passion, customizing and repairing electric guitars.

If only he had made this change decades ago instead of frittering his time away in sales, he could have avoided his well deserved punishment: ‘I miss my children very much.

Sarah used her impressive communications skills in an effort to save their marriage, but Thomas reacted in a totally unexpected way: And many women of Sarah’s age are staying fit and attractive for longer and are loath to settle for the quiet retirement their husbands – who, like Thomas, have often been their family’s main breadwinner – crave after they quit their demanding jobs.

The majority of women who divorce in later life, she says, are trying to retrieve their identity.

Sure she made a solemn vow in front of God, their friends, and their family, but she didn’t know she was marrying a criminal.

She said it takes two to make a marriage and that I was not pulling my weight.

I felt that I was doing my bit by supporting the family financially.

Unfortunately he didn’t learn this in time to save his marriage.

She was forced to divorce her husband Peter and take hundreds of thousands of dollars which he thoughtlessly amassed for them over the decades.

Despite Margaret’s obviously congenial disposition, Peter failed to sufficiently yearn for her delightful conversation: And what should stop her?

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