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'At the start of the video, Tess turns her head from side to side before lowering the camera so her bra and underwear are on full display.The size 22 model looks incredibly glamorous with her long, auburn waves flowing past her shoulders, and she is sporting a sultry cat-eye paired with a pink lip and rouged cheeks.She and Nick enjoyed a slice of cake with a candle in it, presumably in honor of their anniversary.In another photo, Tess can be seen enjoying a martini while wearing a leather jacket featuring a bright yellow fur trim.we have international level users from USA, UK, Asia, Australia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Japan and the whole chat world chat rooms are connected with Chat LC.talking to stranger and having random chat conversations with random chatters people is great especially no required any register for login and no signup required to chat in our international chat rooms.Nick has his back turned to the camera, and it is unclear if he is really watching Netflix or just waiting for his wife to stop filming.

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'No hot tubbin for me.'A tattoo typically takes three to four weeks to heal, and while it is okay to shower, continued exposure to water in a bathtub or hot tub could damage the tattoo.

Of course Tess knows the drill; her arms and legs are covered with tattoos, including portraits of Dolly Parton and Miss Piggy.

'Who gets a giant tattoo right before you leave on a mini vacation?!

' she asked while sharing a picture of her leg propped up on a pillow.

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