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Your posture, facial expressions and body gestures give potential hookups insight into your confidence level and personality, according to the study.

Our impressions are instinctual, Narayanan explains: Often times people can't even describe why they like or dislike something at first.

But he argues that love at first sight is hocus-pocus. "Sure, you can be attracted to a person in five minutes, but there's no real connection." "I think it gives you a taste; and perhaps you want to meet up again." This is the second speed-dating event Scuderi's been to in the past six months. This is an opportunity to meet other people in my age group." Jon did make a match with Lori from Estero, but to his disappointment Lori didn't provide contact information on her registration materials. Soon after, though I began feeling uneasy about agreeing to second dates.

I adore the touch of a woman and love flirting and kissing This is the part about creating a profile that I hate...talking about myself.

" If both parties write "Yes," event organizers will send each person their match's contact information. "This is like speed breaking up," I say to Leslie as I sit down with her.

She's wearing a beige sweater and dark-rimmed glasses and she's slouched over the table, a half-sipped glass of chardonnay in front of her. The first four minutes were great," I say, "but by the end I was wondering how I got involved." "It's all rather emotional, that's all," I joke with Leslie.

I dated Bridget, Phyllis and Veronica and managed to break up with all of them in 15 minutes. When each five-minute block expires, a bell rings, signaling the men to scoot to the next table.

Veronica had a good heart: A behavior therapist for autistic children. Both parties are equipped with a worksheet on which they write down their date's name, and notes about the interaction.

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