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" If both parties write "Yes," event organizers will send each person their match's contact information. "This is like speed breaking up," I say to Leslie as I sit down with her.

She's wearing a beige sweater and dark-rimmed glasses and she's slouched over the table, a half-sipped glass of chardonnay in front of her. The first four minutes were great," I say, "but by the end I was wondering how I got involved." "It's all rather emotional, that's all," I joke with Leslie.

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I adore the touch of a woman and love flirting and kissing This is the part about creating a profile that I hate...talking about myself. Her face flush with shock, "What am I supposed to think if you can't even remember my name on the first date?The daters use the sheet to sum up their brief time together, scribbling notes like, "Nice, but too young," and "From Ohio," and "Likes sports." Also on the sheet is a question: "Would you like to see them again?"I can't tell you I felt any kind of connection to her," he says, "but I was attracted to her." "It's a curiosity thing. I sipped some wine and circled "Yes" next to the names of three women. I'd like to see her again." - - - By the end of the evening, after a few cocktails, the speed daters got up from their tables, mingled and reviewed their roster of dates.

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