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I dated Bridget, Phyllis and Veronica and managed to break up with all of them in 15 minutes. When each five-minute block expires, a bell rings, signaling the men to scoot to the next table.Veronica had a good heart: A behavior therapist for autistic children. Both parties are equipped with a worksheet on which they write down their date's name, and notes about the interaction.I am as comfortable in jeans as I am in a dress and am very comfortable with who I am.I adore the touch of a woman and love flirting and kissing This is the part about creating a profile that I hate...talking about myself.Her deadpan answer went kind of like this: "I wouldn't know. A snap judgment, yes, but that's the crux of this whole event. I haven't had the opportunity to break up with someone, really." And that's when I knew. - - - "First impressions are so important," says Dr. The accidental touch of shoulders in a crowded market.

The women are stationed at tables and booths in the restaurant's dining room, with the men sitting across from them."When you apply for a job, when you walk into the room, the interviewer makes the decision in the first five minutes," the professor says. "You don't even have to speak." Communication is 93 percent nonverbal, according to a study by the University of California at Los Angeles. "I can't tell you I felt any kind of connection to her," he says, "but I was attracted to her." "It's a curiosity thing. I sipped some wine and circled "Yes" next to the names of three women. I'd like to see her again." - - - By the end of the evening, after a few cocktails, the speed daters got up from their tables, mingled and reviewed their roster of dates.

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