Dating amputee female

You’d probably have found out the answer if only you’d kept your mouth shut for a Hi. It’s great that you’re an engineer, like every other guy I’m introduced to, and I’m sure you could build something better.

But my idea of the perfect first date does not involve me rolling up one pant leg and my date kneeling beside me, flicking the socket of my prosthetic leg and remarking on its quality, while other guests at the restaurant try not to stare.5.

‘No offence, but can you tell me exactly till where your real leg is? As soon as you explain to me – in as graphic detail as you can, mind you – exactly what your penis is like, in both its states.

I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem doing that in public, right? ‘No offence, but can you run and play sports and stuff? ‘No offence, but how many guys are still interested in dating you after you tell them about your disability?

Throw a disability into the mix, and the awkward things people say increase tenfold.

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