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The Republic of Croatia was admitted as a Member of the United Nations by General Assembly resolution A/RES/46/238 of .The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted as a Member of the United Nations by General Assembly resolution A/RES/46/237 of .On 28 June 2006 it was accepted as a United Nations Member State by General Assembly resolution A/RES/60/264.The Republic of Cabo Verde changed its official name from The Republic of Cape Verde on 24 October 2013 in a request submitted to the Secretary-General by the country's Permanent Representative to the United Nations.Plus, that would probably make things awkward for the rest of the group, especially since Maldonado has explained the dynamic by saying, "We're all like one big family." Yep, you wouldn't want to date your brother. If we're going by his Twitter account, he is single and focused on family.

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On 28 September 1966, the General Assembly took note of this decision and the President invited representatives of Indonesia to take seats in the Assembly.

On 2 September 1971, the United Arab Republic changed its name to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic were admitted to membership in the United Nations on 18 September 1973.

While the Barden Bellas and Treblemakers are great on-screen, there's a real-life a cappella group making a name for themselves in the music industry. Of course, I couldn't find any articles confirming this news, but her social media pages speak for themselves.

Just look at this photo she tweeted of them together: Adorable!

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