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English (among Ashkenazis) · French (among Sephardis) · Hebrew (as liturgical language, some as mother tongue) · Yiddish (by some as mother tongue and as part of a language revival) · and other languages like Russian and Marathi Canadian Jews or, alternatively, Jewish Canadians are Canadian citizens of the Jewish faith and/or Jewish ethnicity.

Some sources date the actual establishment of synagogue to 1777 on Notre Dame Street.

Abraham Joseph, who was long a prominent figure in public affairs in Quebec City, took up his residence there shortly after his father's death in 1832.

Quebec City's Jewish population for many years remained very small, and early efforts at organization were fitful and short-lived.

Revolts and protests soon began calling for responsible government in Canada.

The law requiring the oath "on my faith as a Christian" was amended in 1829 to provide for Jews to not take the oath.

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