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Dating Buzz paysthese media partners a percentage of the revenue generated from each of theirsites.The result is that virtually every media company in South Africa,and many online companies overseas, offer an internet dating service that uses Dating Buzz.I feel like I'm falling in love for the first time...thank you so much, I'm hopeful it will work out this time...He talks about the considerationsin setting up the website: “Functionality was a key issue – we looked at whatwould work from a user perspective.And we never looked at whether we could dosomething as well as everyone else; we wanted to do what other dating sitesdid, only better.”As the biggest dating site in South Africa, with 45 million pages and fivemillion user sessions a month, as well as formidable presence in the UK, Irelandand Australia, Burstein and Forrest have achieved that goal.It’sall about staying ahead of the game,” says Burstein.

Forrest, who met his wife Melinda through Dating Buzz, is one of agrowing number of people who have proved that Internet dating is more effective– and mainstream – than people might initially have believed.Dating Buzz’s confidentiality policy means itnever reveals anyone’s identity or details to anyone else.Scalability is a challenge for any businessbut particularly one so reliant on technology.But moreimportantly, its key differentiator has been its approach to matchmaking.Thesophisticated matching technology (created in-house along with everything else)allows users to be highly specific about what constitutes their “ideal match”.

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