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We've had some damp Wx lately here around the 'ol Van Cave, but by dumb luck there was a gap between rain bands when I pulled into the airport Wednesday morning. Didn't have the ceilings or clear skies to venture beyond the pattern, but it was plenty fun to just work on technique.

My planned 45 minutes on the treadmill went out the window. Then the rain started..it didn't stop for the rest of the day..I was OK with it.

what do you guys think, how is your experience in winter flying, what do you do?

If any VAF readers have access to a large format printer I would like to hear from you if at all possible.

After un-wraveling the tape, my heart sank just a tiny bit. Thank goodness for the low ceilings/temps on Saturday, I could make the re-scheduled due to weather memorial fly-over for Ralph Bond (Gone West EAA'er) on Sunday afternoon.

It's been months since I've gotten to fly with Mc Doogle and my little boy's been bugging me daily to go flying. I'm planning to buy all Dynon stuff so I got the unit dimensions from their website and made up cardboard replicas so I could play around with positions.

Well, this is the first time I have ever seen this.

I don't think she (my wife) was a big fan when I started the project.

I met Vlad, perhaps the most prolific flier at N51 where he keeps his RV 9A.

He is a great Van's enthusiast, flier, and goodwill ambassador and introduced me to the Van's experimental world.

I'm on the board at 52F and we are in need of a large printout from the Denton CAD Webmap site of our airport (https:// to hang on the wall of our airport office.

In a perfect world, we need to be able to see the property ID number clearly - with or without sat layer. Covering most of that wall with an airport map would be the plan - something suitable for stick pins and such.

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