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Please confirm any results with an official NZ Lotto agent.Finisher certificates for the 2017 MCM and MCM10K are now available.Two vertebrae of the skeleton, believed to belong to King Richard III, were found to show abnormal features relating to scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.Leicester University claimed this find corroborates historical accounts of Richard that described him as a hunchback 'Given the totality of the evidence, it can surely be said with considerable confidence.Hicks says that there may have been ‘lots of people with similar wounds’: perhaps he could name one who fits the bill?'They began excavating the city centre location in August and soon discovered the skeleton, which was found in good condition with its feet missing in a grave around 27 inches (68cm) below ground level.Runners may select up to four of 11 badges to illustrate their run with the Marines.The badges signify different categories and accomplishments including First Marathon, Personal Record, Charity Runner, Service Member and Military Family.

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Experts from Winchester University are now challenging these findings including the results of the DNA testing and the accuracy of the radiocarbon dating Speaking to BBC History Magazine, Professor Hicks argued the remains could belong to a victim of any of the battles fought during the Wars of the Roses: 'Lots of other people who suffered similar wounds could have been buried in the choir of the church where the bones were found,' he explained.

Professor Hicks went on to question the prominence given to DNA testing in claims about the identity of the remains, too, adding: 'The DNA match could equally be the result of the bones being those of someone descended in the female line from Richard’s mother, Cecily Neville.'King Richard’s grandmother, Joan Beaufort, for example, had 16 children, 'which made her the ancestor of much of the nobility of the Wars of the Roses - quite a few of whom died violently in those conflicts,' continued Professor Hicks.'Indeed, it is very hard to prove that the skeleton belongs to a specific person.

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