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The 'banker in a motor car' in Penny Lane, for instance.Paul admits to simply inventing him, and never for one second was Helter Skelter an invitation for a madman like Charles Manson to instigate the murder of film star Sharon Tate and several other people, as was pleaded at the trial of Manson 'Family' members.But who was the fireman who 'rushes in, from the pouring rain, very strange'?Could that have been a nod to Paul's father, Jim Mc Cartney, who'd been a firewatcher on the Liverpool docks in World War II, and for whom When I'm Sixty Four would be written?Lennon had a rare gift of being able to pick up ideas from all around him.

One of his solo songs, Jealous Guy, apologises for feelings he couldn't control.

Later memories of both women were to endure in their music. 'So I sing a song of love to Julia' he put on the White Album, before adding his lament My Mummy's Dead on his first post-Beatles solo album.

Paul, always more cautious and often preferring to tell little stories in songs rather than reveal too much of himself, made his reflections less precise. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Lennon's former guru was renamed Sexy Sadie and mocked in the song of the same name While his song Yesterday, on the surface a yearning for happier times after a failed romance, might also be interpreted as a mature reflection on the sadness which engulfed him and his father and brother after his mother died when he was 14.

'Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name,' Paul Mc Cartney sang in 1966 and conjured images of an old lady, a sad pillar of the church, her only friend the equally lonely Father Mc Kenzie, 'darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there'. The Beatles: [L-R] Paul Mc Cartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon.

What are the real secrets behind their song lyrics?

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