Hearing person dating deaf person

When getting to know a girl I told them about that from the start, because if I didnt catch what they said its because I'm a little hearing impared and not ignoring them. I'm not sure what direct advise I can give, other then it is probably going to be a difficult obstacle, but when you find that right person it's going to be a strong bond because you know they are not ignorant, stubborn, lazy, or selfish and you'll find yourself a keeper. I have been at bars (and I wear a hearing aid on my left ear), and if a girl sees me on my right side, they get all flirty and want to talk to me and all that, they come up to me and when I turn my head and they can see my hearing aid, then they make up some excuses that they have to go back to their friends or walk out or whatever.

But I've gotten hearing girls no problem if I dont wear my hearing aid (which is silly). I don't like "hearing" nothing if that makes sense LOL.

I by no means wasstating that there are ONLY TWO forms of communication when communicating with the deaf, I was only stating the forms I havestudied and learn from an educational sense.

It'd be great if people didn't think because they can do the alphabet really....really...really slowly that they can sign.

You clearly have issues with the women you've met, but please don't burden this man with your self-proclaimed knowlege of absurd reasons why women won't date him...

Makes it *that* much better when you meet someone who likes you flaws and all.

Let's face it , no one is perfect, so why does everyone keep searching for perfection?!?

There's a lot more to effective communication than fingerspelling. People have a tendency to do that, and there's really no point. Anecdote: My (male) cousin seems to have a preference for hearing girls, and he does well with them. I assure you I can sign, why else would I have stated this? Those of us who can hear often say "speak" when we speak of signlanguage. The other form I am speaking of is called "kante" or somethingsimilar to that, I know that is not the exact name but it's somethingsimilar to that. Iwas not only taught ASL by my sister but to improve my sign languageskills, I also studied it in college and I was informed by myinstructor who is also a teacher at a deaf school for children locally that ASL is a proper form of sign language.

OP: I think you're just blaming your unluckiness in love on your deafness. Random: From my experience, the "mixed" couples that I know of that have been successful in the long run (so far ;)) are usually comprised of the deaf person (whatever "shade" of deaf; big D Deaf, little d deaf, hard of hearing, oral, and everything in between) and a hearing person who is NOT a coda. For the record....is not true about stating "speaking". Yes...there are variations and more times to none, if you screwup the ASL while trying to communicate, one only has to utilizecommon sense when communicating with a deaf person.

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