Hearing person dating deaf person

I do not understand why you would berate someone for attempting tolearn sign language of any form?Who cares if all a hearing personcan perform is letters? Why not encouragethem as compared to berating them. I have workedhard with ASL to make my sister happy.When getting to know a girl I told them about that from the start, because if I didnt catch what they said its because I'm a little hearing impared and not ignoring them. I'm not sure what direct advise I can give, other then it is probably going to be a difficult obstacle, but when you find that right person it's going to be a strong bond because you know they are not ignorant, stubborn, lazy, or selfish and you'll find yourself a keeper. I have been at bars (and I wear a hearing aid on my left ear), and if a girl sees me on my right side, they get all flirty and want to talk to me and all that, they come up to me and when I turn my head and they can see my hearing aid, then they make up some excuses that they have to go back to their friends or walk out or whatever.But I've gotten hearing girls no problem if I dont wear my hearing aid (which is silly). I don't like "hearing" nothing if that makes sense LOL.

I know that all the cute and pretty and drop dead hearing girls all can't be a total snob like that because everyone themselves has a good heart inside of them..know? IN GENERAL I would of pictured the females would of been more nurturing and been better at accepting this situation. Then again it "could" just be the perception you have yourself also right? Men are kind of burdoned with having to do "most of the work" to get a relationship off the ground.

Pete Townsend can barely hear, and he is more successful than basically any person that will ever live!!!!!

I have known several hearing women that have chosen to date deaf men, hot women, so it does happen even if you haven't seen it.

This I find ridiculous especiallyconsidering all the little kids who are at the deaf school locallywho have hearing parents who do not even bother to learn the languageat all. Even though she and I communicate regardless sometimes and throw ASL out the window sometimes, itmade her very happy to know that I did this for HER and the benefitsof knowing sign language has been tremendous, I volunteer sometimesat events with the local school for the deaf, I"m absolutely in love with the children there.

It just goes back to plain old lack of understanding , some people assume that because a person has a disability or impairment of some kind that they can't work , live independently, have children and be in a relationship.

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