Hearing person dating deaf person

Not only is it really annoying, but it's doing a disservice to those who really can sign; whether it's those who were actually taught through classes (no, i don't mean people who got to ASL 2), those of us who've done it all our lives, and deaf people.There's a lot more to effective communication than fingerspelling.Look at this, I already know "your" language so it doesn't hurt to "learn" some of my language. Paumanok (msg 5): Where in the world did you get this information from?

But I have seen good looking hearing guys hit on cute or pretty deaf girls and want to date them and always are eager to want to learn some sign language and want to get to know them better. (long sigh...) this is like a fast food checkout line it seems at times.. Cowboy People in general have a hard time accepting something or someone that is set outside the "norm" Some people get over it and some people do not. At any rate,if the right person comes along it will happen I'm going to agree with the people that say its mostly because it creates hardships.I know few people here can fully understand your delema, because most of us can hear. From birth I've been unable to hear out of my left ear, and I commonly need to ask someone to repeat what they said if they didnt first get my attention before saying it. I've gotten my own house without anyone's help, paid for college with my own money, bought my own car....why would a hearing girl need to "babysit" me?Also when I'm walking with anyone, friends or a date, I have to be on the left side in case they say something to me, and every girl I've dated never had a problem with that. I am an excellent lipreader and I grew up playing sports and going to school with hearing peers and I was succesful than most of them were.Neither sex should actually be any better obviously in real life at accepting someone with a disability. I would have no trouble at all dating someone that was deaf..... I will be surprised if thats not also what most of the cute sweet gals that post on here say also. That's not to say always, just more often then the other. Its like a person with glasses, and then someone else just has a hearing aid...Women may see it as a sense of having to "babysit" you because of your disability, while this is ignorance, and I have taken a course in asl and my instructor explained that to us. I mean we are the most independent "disablity" out there.can drive, we can walk, we can do whatever we want, kiss, flirt, go barhopping, play sports, make an asses out of our selves and whatsover while other disabilities need alot more help than us, but we get pushed away for some reason which I think is silly. I have done fine out there in the real world with little or no help.

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