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Exercise, join a sports club, socialise with new people, travel and explore, start a new hobby, write a blog, attend motivational seminars. Read the monthly magazines of local expatriate groups, grab some books about women abroad, read local expat blogs, and join local Facebook, Linked In and Meetup groups to meet new friends in your local area.2.

Think Creatively About Work If you do not have a ‘job’ but think that you would like to work in some way, think creatively about what you can do.

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Housing in Belgium that's to let generally comes unfurnished.

Have a look at each site and who uses it – are they people you can identify with?

Online dating is a great way to get in touch with people of all nationalities and interests – people that you might otherwise never meet in person, especially if you're new in town and haven't had time to establish yourself in a social circle. Recent surveys have shown that one in five relationships worldwide start online, that a quarter of online daters met their long-term partners through a dating website, and that you're twice as likely to get married if you meet a partner online than offline.

Expat executives need to network to facilitate business and gain local credibility.

Non-working expats, need to network so they know who to call for X, Y or Z – especially if they (or their children) are rushed to the emergency room and need a translator and/or moral support at 2am.

However, when renting in Belgium, tenants generally have the flexibility to renovate the property to their liking.

Here's a guide to tenants rights in Belgium, where to search for a flat in Brussels or another area of the country, and more....

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