Dating before getting engaged

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For many of us, being engaged means putting most (if not all) of our attention on wedding planning.

"If you want to have a family one day, this experience will give you insight into his feelings and his way with kids, and it also gives him the opportunity to see you in a new light.

Whether single or coupled, consider these important conversations to create a solid foundation with your significant other. It can bring up feelings of shame, embarrassment, and comparative judgment. Harboring your feelings will only lead to resentment.

"Get a sense of how well you're able to be considerate of each other's needs, like if someone needs privacy to talk on the phone."5. If you want children one day, it's a good idea to gauge whether you can take on this important task with your partner, Masini says.

"Babysitting a neighbor's child or a niece or nephew is a great way to see how you each are with kids," she says.

This includes criticism, contempt, using all or nothing language, and any other “below the belt” fighting.

The point of an argument is conflict resolution, so reconsider the next time you feel the desire to go after your partners Achilles heel. Developed by American Psychologist and author, Marshall Rosenberg, it is a form of communicating that resolves conflicts and differences peacefully.

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