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Except for herpes, that shit’ll come back with you.” Really great cinema.

I was recently in Vegas on vacation and I had a lot of fun telling bartenders that I had nothing to worry about in Vegas because I already had herpes.

What I learned very quickly was that that really intense, deeply ingrained stereotype was the result of a very powerful social stigma that surrounds STDs like herpes in our society.

] I see no hands and a lot more confused faces, and that’s what I was expecting. I live in Brooklyn, I’m twenty-three, I work in social media, and I have genital herpes.

In the time that I have with you today, I want to talk about why it is that it is so socially unacceptable to talk about herpes, despite the fact that almost everyone in this room either has herpes or will encounter it at some point in the next few years. I was diagnosed with herpes at the end of my junior year of college.

Doctors will actually commonly not test you for herpes.

Even if you go in and you’re like, “I want to get tested for STIs,” chances are you’re not being tested for herpes.

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