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Come by some time and catch my Gothic Dark Trivia Game!I think I first stumbled across this site when I was 14.Even though there are no mods everything that happens seems to work itself out.I love the Goth Chat the most of all and am a regular there.Enter the chat room below and participate by either registering using your email or logging in as a guest user to remain anonymous. Please do not forget that you have agreed to all the rules found on the main page prior to joining our chatrooms.Please take the time now to review them, if you have not done so.I been coming to Teen Chat since 2004 and I've loved every second of it!Every time I log in on to the free chat rooms I meet someone interesting and fun.

Alternatively, be sure to join a new teen chat site Meet with hundreds of cool teenagers!There are some important online chat rules you must agree to first before proceeding. **This website will not be held responsible for any injury, harm, or criminal charges to users who do not abide by the above rules.If you follow the rules, you will be safe.** I Accept, Enter Chat Do you like our teen chat rooms?Attention Parents and Guardians: If you have not trained your children to be vigilant about the dangers of the Internet, you need to start now. You understand that chat moderators are staffed but cannot be on at every minute of the day.If you are looking for the old chat version, we are sorry that is has been disabled.

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