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I put a complaint that thousands of fake profiles were being produced in the Gold Coast and Brisbane and they did nothing. Also there are lots of people who are cat fishing and other more serious offences like hacking into your phones and computers and stealing identifies.

These fake profiles are not the photos they are not the typed words. A suggestion from a friend to meet like minded people when on holiday in new cities.

The Marlins optioned right-hander Brian Ellington to Triple-A New Orleans to clear a roster spot.

Ramos was activated from the 15-day disabled prior to Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Fellow All-Star Fernando Rodney went 6-for-6 in save opportunities while Ramos was sidelined.

Some guys don't like being told no and become nasty - the block feature is good for this and admin is good about dealing with them if you report the member to them.

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Ellington is 2-1 with a 0.92 ERA in 19 major league appearances this season.The reality is you can open up a profile and be anyone. These people operating these fake profiles send people on fake trips. Hi Sarahh, we're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your Red Hot Pie experience.The email you use can be anything you can think of it doesnt even have to be a real email. Then you can sit on that profile and change it to be a man a woman, any height, a couple and this is not monitored. They say they are going to meet you but they dont show up. If you can send us a Support Ticket, our Support Team will be happy to give you the help that you need! read more » Like most apps ,it's only about making money, Don't expect too much for free, if you connect as a guestwith a paying member they can message you, otherwise it's a total waste of time trying to contact other guests, it's impossible, you can send a flirt, and they can respond but if both of you remain as guests it's a of you must become a paying member to further the process.I first joined Red Hot Pie as a couple with an ex just less than 10 years ago and have since been on there as both a single woman and a couple.I've met my last 2 partners on the site (including my current partner and we've been together now for 3 years and live together), so anyone who says it's just a seedy physical intimacy site is full of nonsense.

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