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Apparently, the former Governor of Alaska wants to keep tabs on Bristol because during her time on reality competition, she not only got into a RELATIONSHIP with the actor, but also realized that maybe she and dear ole' mom may not see eye to eye on politics!

The two have been feuding over the issue of gay marriage, and according to insiders, Bristol even banned her mom from her new home, which may have prompted Sarah to look into the mansion close by!

Given that our contacts also say Bristol is dating, it may be fair to assume part of the story could be correct in that Sarah doesn’t want her daughter’s private life to be aired on TV. Kyle and Bristol will be moving in together, but it’s to film a new reality show.

The currently untitled project will follow her move to Los Angeles, where she’ll be living with her DWTS buddy and his brother Christopher Massey to work on an as-yet unidentified charity project.

' She doesn't agree with her mom's politics or her controlling ways.Bristol and Kyle are soon to appear in a new reality show for the BIO Channel, which will follow them as they set up a charity alongside Kyle's elder brother, Chris.According to the National Enquirer, the couple's growing relationship sparked the idea for the show - and Mrs Palin isn't happy about it.But it seems the real reason for the move could be more personal - to keep tabs on her daughter, Bristol.The Tea Party politician is reportedly furious at the 20-year-old's new relationship with Disney's Kyle Massey, who she met on Dancing with the Stars last year.

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