Palin dating

“Yeah, of course, I’ve asked him to do that many times – just say, ‘Hey, look, let’s just avoid this custody case that’s been ongoing since Tripp was born just get it over with just sign over your rights.’ ” “‘He’s always going to be your son, you can see him whenever you want to,’ but he just doesn’t want to sign him over because it looks bad on paper,” she added.

'She is doing her best to prevent Bristol's new relationship from being featured in the reality show.'Kyle, 19, told a reporter he only keeps in touch with Bristol 'every now and then' as the couple are trying to keep their burgeoning romance a secret.Given that our contacts also say Bristol is dating, it may be fair to assume part of the story could be correct in that Sarah doesn’t want her daughter’s private life to be aired on TV. Kyle and Bristol will be moving in together, but it’s to film a new reality show.The currently untitled project will follow her move to Los Angeles, where she’ll be living with her DWTS buddy and his brother Christopher Massey to work on an as-yet unidentified charity project.We think Sarah owes her daughter this time to do her own thing, especially given the sacrifices her family made in order for her to run for Vice President and follow her OWN political dreams! Friday if she and a 20-year-old Alaska pipeline worker are an item as rumored, she replied, “Are you guys getting personal with me, really? The house is a five-bedroom abode in Maricopa, Ariz., she recently purchased for 2,000 and for which she “wrote a check,” she says. It made worth it, for sure,” added the season 11 runner-up of her purchase.

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