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One of the biggest problems I've seen with American cinema is, despite R-rated comedies, few comedies are really designed for adults.Paradoxically, R-rated films like Get Hard and The Hangover sequels have jokes that would make teenagers laugh out loud, but many adults turn the other cheek, though they are the audience that will be allowed in the film at the local multiplex.The film revolves around a hooker named Isabella Beatty (Imogen Poots), who became a Broadway thespian following a gracious break from Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson), a Broadway director who frequents escorts despite being married to Delta (Kathryn Hahn), a Broadway star herself.Arnold is filthy rich, for that matter, and upon paying escorts for their services, he'll also gift them with ,000 to get their life moving in the right direction, all under Delta's nose.As it so happens, Isabella is also one of Jane's patients, and has no idea about her relationship with Joshua.Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson seemed very affectionate on the set of their new film - even when cameras stopped rolling, which begged the question, are they more than just friends?In between takes they were hanging onto each other. Apparently they began growing close in October, two months after he attempted suicide by slashing his wrists and taking an overdose of pills last August.Due out Christmas Day, "Marley & Me" is directed by David Frankel and based on the book by John Grogan. Wilson was reported to have made the suicide bid apparently devastated over his break-up with actress Kate Hudson.

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Aniston gained worldwide recognition for portraying Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends (1994–2004), a role which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

While the characters may often be contemptible, the situational humor mimics the sort of awkwardness and indecisive etiquette occurrences examined in your average episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, although with decidedly more theatricalities and far-fetched circumstances. We have low-key performers that go under the radar far too often (Poots, Ifans, and Forte) and we have seasoned veterans trying their hand at the personalities they accentuate the best (Aniston and Wilson).

Moreover, though, everyone feels like they're enjoying themselves.

The pair, who play husband and wife in the canine comedy Marley & Me, cuddled on set in Miami yesterday, with Aniston, 39, stroking Wilson's leg and stomach as he kept an arm clamped around her.

The pair's growing closeness appears to give credence to US reports, that Hollywood's most famous bachelorette has set her sights on her latest co-star. While the Friends star is getting close to the comedian onscreen, a sources confirmed the chemistry between the pair is flourishing off screen.

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