Hollyoaks actors dating

Firstly, congratulations on your Best Newcomer nomination at the NTAs! It’s nice as well because I came in with a big bunch of newcomers, it really could have been any of us, so obviouslt I’m quite glad that I was the lucky one.I was surprised but it was definitely a nice surprise.“Rachel Shenton, who has been such a wonderful supporter of ours over the years, should be so proud of this fantastic achievement.“For the 50,000 deaf children in the UK, and the millions of deaf children across the globe, this film shines such a powerful spotlight on so many of the issues deaf children face day in, day out.I find it quite strange though because I know couples where one may be double the age of the other and they have perfectly fine relationships.

But the really juicy stuff was when Kieron got gay-bashed by those two and then Harry had to deal with that and lying about being in a gay, and confront his own sexuality; that was great.

But I’ve not had any homophobic comments at all, which is obviously great.

Do you think that Harry and Ste’s age gap could become an issue in their relationship at some point?

Obviously when you first do it with someone it’s always awkward because you’re not with them in real life, and it’s hard to get that passionate because you’re both faking it.

But it’s fine now, I don’t even think about it, I just go in and do it!

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