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“He’s not a jet-setty type,” says the friend, but they kept up with each other via Skype.Crucially, “They have lots of lovely friends” supporting them too, adds the pal.Sure, sometimes things happen, like one of you goes away to school, moves for work, or has to go on a military tour of duty, but what about if you're not facing one of those hurdles?

This is primarily driven by New York and Pennsylvania, where our average respondent’s engagement age hovered around 28 years old.If you're 23, and this is terrifying to you, have no fear.Although this is the average age, most ladies are independent women at this point. 5% of respondents in our survey were over 40 years old.I always say that the river flows well to it’s destiny because of the guidance of a solid rock #engagement #eugieandjack @The Duke Of York @The Duke Of York Cnn Ow Zpo — Sarah Ferguson (@Sarah The Duchess) January 22, 2018 “It was quite a big thing to go to.They looked very happy,” longtime royals photographer Mark Stewart previously told PEOPLE, adding that he is comfortable in the company of Eugenie’s parents Fergie and Andrew: “They appear to be very fond of him.” Despite some expectation that he might work in the financial district of London, Brooksbank headed off in a different direction: the hospitality trade.

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