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Make it as easy as possible for the man to spend time with you. Always be grateful for whatever crumbs a man is willing to throw at you. But remember, you must have NO EXPECTATIONS at any time for him to even stick to a simple plan. He still hasn’t offered to meet you despite the fact that you have made yourself available several times. When he is ready to give you a half hour, he will tell you. You are only magnificent when he is horny and wants to dump a quick one.

Remember, you are just one of about 8 – 10 other girls they are communicating with. So when he tells you, “Maybe we can do something on Friday night,” be sure to make no plans, and if you have kids like me, make sure you line a babysitter up JUST IN CASE he texts you at 6 on Friday to say he can meet you for a quick drink. You get to spend an hour getting ready and pay for a babysitter so you can meet him for a half hour. And it is your obligation to overlook the last two times he blew you off and drop everything you are doing to be free for him.

Do lunch and an afternoon activity on Saturdays – skating, bowling, shopping, take a class together, amusement parks…

Meet for lunch during the weekday (my husband and I did this while we were dating. Step outside the car, walk to the door and say good-bye with a small hug or kiss on the cheek. There will probably be one person in the relationship that is stronger than the other person so have that person be the “bigger man.”4) Drive to a location in separate cars to a public place to play pool, grab coffee at a coffee shop, etc.

So if you are like me, wondering how some people just seem to fall into a new relationship before they are even out of the last one when you struggle to find a halfway decent guy to actually take you out on a Saturday night, just note you are doing it all wrong. It should serve as the Bible for single women around the world looking to land a long-term relationship with a wonderful man. C’mon, you KNOW he will still call you the next day. A couple of draft beers later and you should be ready to give it up in the backseat of his car. In case you have your period and can’t fuck him on the first date, be prepared to give him a blow job. You did NOT go to grad school, you are NOT a professional at a multi-billion dollar company, you do NOT watch the news, you do NOT have an opinion on the mid-term elections. Talk about shoes and how you wish you had enough money to hire someone to clean your house so you don’t have to ruin your manicure. Yes, be prepared for him to disappear on you multiple times, and then reappear when he is bored or looking to get laid. He is free to come in and out of your life as he sees fit. It is only the man who is overloaded with prior commitments.

I completely ruined my chances with a Prince Charming a few months ago by refusing to do so. Undoubtedly, I should have performed my best oral for him. Perhaps you had plans last weekend which were abruptly cancelled due to . He is FREE to treat you with complete disrespect, and it is your obligation to make sure you are always FREE for him. You have no job, no kids to cart around, no friends.

ARE YOU ACTIVELY DATING BUT NOT FINDING SATISFACTION AND FULFILLMENT? ARE YOU CONFUSED BY WHAT YOU HEAR AND READ AND AS A RESULT FEEL ANXIOUS? The A phase starts with the self-reflective work necessary to date mindfullywith more fun, enjoyment and confidence.

He was very persistent, however, and many times we went too far, but we are proud and happy to report that we didn’t have sex while we were dating. One reason is because of the covenant I had made with God.

During times when we were kissing and caressing I could fill my covenant ring burning a hole in my finger.

And despite the effort most of us put in when meeting a guy for the first time, if you even so much as expect him to say, “Wow, you look great,” you must be smoking crack.

Remember be GRATEFUL you were the “chosen one” he selected to open up two hours in his insanely busy calendar to meet. Make sure you tell him how handsome he is even if you are taller than him despite the fact he listed himself as 5’ 10” and is distinctly lacking the same amount of hair in person than in his posted pictures. He is so funny even George Carlin can’t hold a candle next to him in the comedy department. You are to completely ignore all red flags and the fact that many of the stories he tells you do not add up.

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