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I was in VA-46 when an A7a aircraft of VA122s wing folded due to the pin in the wing not engaging to lock it from folding on takeoff.

The pilot ejected, but after the aircraft rolled 90 degrees, causing him to be ejected across the runway at Yuma, Arizona.

The aircraft, I believe NH-400, in attitude hold, continued fly pilotless northward with enough fuel to make it into Canada...

I had just taken over as the Dambuster's Safety Officer when the call came in from Fallon that the aircraft had "Crashed" and that the pilot was safely on the ground....

Also, the name of the pilot who ejected on 2 Sept 1968 after striking the water while on approach to the USS America was Don Bennett.

I think he was a LCDR at the time and was the Air Wing LSO flying an A-7A from VA-86.

The A-7 impacted on the golf course which was about 3 miles (straight line) SE of the approach end of the primary runway From Dick Atkins, Archives Director of the Vought Aircraft Heritage Museum, I flew on the 10 June 1968 RESCAP of LCDR Randy Ford.

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Reports that he was a POW were later proven to be inaccurate.Helo had a few bullet holes, but my dad got right back out there (after a month of R&R since it was their last day in theater.) The 'ejection' on 2 Sept 1968 was an Air Wing staff officer who accidentally flew into the water on a night visual approach.I'm not positive but I believe his seat fired accidentally as he was cart-wheeling after impact.As a result, that apparatus was resigned and refitted on all A-7 aircraft. Later, Circa 1973, [] just after I departed for Bupers and the Dambusters were training for yet another deployment, that same John Pianetta was the lead of a nite two plane radar round-robin when his first-tour nugget wingman suddenly disappeared from radar and John's wing during a level turn south at altitude over Alameda. TF-30 P-6 blew up when the heat shield in front of the turbine detached.That plane went straight down into the roof of an apartment building; miraculously, no one was killed except the pilot... The heat shield was intended for the TF-30 P-1 which was a P-6 with afterburner used in the F-111 it was only needed at sea level above Mach 1.2. At the end of the season he transferred to a fleet squadron flying the A-7 aircraft.

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