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Early-released POW Mark Gartley reported that Randy died from complications of a severely broken arm while in captivity before he was transported to Hanoi. LCDR David "Scott" Grieling apparently died in his crash on the night of 24 July 1968.Reports that he was a POW were later proven to be inaccurate.Our investigation found a design flaw in the non-telescoping canopy release handle in the cockpit that positioned the pilots elbow immediately above the handle when his hands reached for the thermal shield handles.Based on the distance on the ground between where the canopy was recovered and where John landed, it was determined that John inadvertently cracked the canopy when his elbow hit the release handle, the wind took it off, the thermal shield imploded on his helmet, pulled the face curtain out of its detente and into the wind, which subsequently came out far enough to fire the seat.I was in VA-46 when an A7a aircraft of VA122s wing folded due to the pin in the wing not engaging to lock it from folding on takeoff.

He survived that night but was killed a few years later in a mid-air collision over the bombing target at Vieques, Puerto Rico. I think it was Bob but right now I can't come up with it.Helo had a few bullet holes, but my dad got right back out there (after a month of R&R since it was their last day in theater.) The 'ejection' on 2 Sept 1968 was an Air Wing staff officer who accidentally flew into the water on a night visual approach.I'm not positive but I believe his seat fired accidentally as he was cart-wheeling after impact.VA46 and VA122 were running bombing practice in the dessert with the new A7as they had just been issued. This part is exact, but I dont know the name of the pilot, or the exact date and time. I wished I could remember more, it was a very eventful day, and I believe his family was there when it happened, but not sure.The aircraft landed upside down on the runway, he would have been lost if he stayed with the aircraft anyway. Mike, this was my official Navy picture taken at NAS Meridian, MS just as I started into the Jet Pipeline flying the T-2 Buckeye on 1968...

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