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The amazing thing about this one was the aircraft ended up vertical in the pine trees, nose down good shape.Ltjg John Pianetta, on an Instrument Bombing Derby from Lemoore to Fallon. Following a level delivery in an A7-E at 10,000', he started to raise the thermal shield to go visual per the chase pilot's instructions and was inadvertently ejected over the EW range.The pilot was killed, he never separated from the seat.

It had run out of fuel and landed itself virtually intact in a level mesa... I was the lucky Safety Officer who got to write the mishap report for Paul Mc Carthy.

We heard later that the pilot he was the squadron CO or XO and was flying in to catch a flight to the states."Punched out in the grove at ship... not sure how they ever shot the plane down"Flew his plane into the water miles ahead of the ship after a night catapult shot and no one ever knew why.

He just accelerated at low altitude after launch and never climbed to altitude even though the Primary Flight Control officer was urgently transmitting for him to climb. Watkins, instructor in 174 jumped out of a jet on approach to Cecil in a Thunderstorm, I believe it was also an engine failure.

Most of his injuries were from him skimming the water after ejection.

He survived that night but was killed a few years later in a mid-air collision over the bombing target at Vieques, Puerto Rico. I think it was Bob but right now I can't come up with it.

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