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As online dating matures, however, it is likely that more and more people will avail themselves of these services, and if development — and use — of these sites is guided by rigorous psychological science, they may become a more promising way for people to meet their perfect partners. Finkel discuss the science behind online dating at the 24th APS Annual Convention.

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I agree with the article that says essentially, there are too many profiles and photos. A sample of research articles exploring biases in early visual processing, action-inaction framing and escalation of commitment, socioemotional interventions for institutionally reared chimpanzees, and prenatal stress as both a risk and opportunity… Although the authors find that online dating sites offer a distinctly different experience than conventional dating, the superiority of these sites is not as evident. Reis (University of Rochester), and Susan Sprecher (Illinois State University) take a comprehensive look at the access, communication, and matching services provided by online dating sites.Five months into the friendship he told me he “Was looking for his dream women in cyberspace”.I think he has been on these dating sites for over 5 years. Stumbling upon this article during research for my Master thesis and I am curious: Would you use an app, that introduces a new way of dating, solely based on your voice and who you are, rather than how you look like?

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