Jon benets father dating

Later, French recalled that the couple had barely spoken to or looked at each other.

Though they were faced with the most calamitous tragedy of their lives, he did not see them console each other.

The girl's body, however, was discovered in the basement later that afternoon.

Jon Benét’s skull had been fractured, she had been sexually assaulted, and she was strangled with a garrote made from one of Patsy’s paintbrushes.

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While Patsy had wept inconsolably, a dry-eyed John Ramsey had paced incessantly.The Ramsey family moved back to Atlanta, Georgia, and published a memoir, , in 2001 to counter the media persecution they felt had ruined their lives.Patsy died a few years later of ovarian cancer at the age of 49.Their luxurious home was plush with everything Jon Benét needed to live a happy life.On the morning of December 26, 1996, Patsy Ramsey called the police after finding a 3-page ransom note demanding 8,000 for her daughter's safe return.

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