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Something seemed odd to French, and later he would recall how the grieving mother’s eyes stayed riveted on him.

He remembered her gaze, and her awkward attempt to conceal it—peering at him through splayed fingers held over her eyes.

Still unsolved, the murder led to one of the most publicized police investigations of the 1990s.

In 2008, new “touch” DNA technology led the Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy to issue a formal letter exonerating the Ramsey family from any involvement in Jon Benét’s murder; however, recent 2016 evidence suggests that the DNA evidence is actually a mixture of DNA and more testing is expected to take place.

The Christmas-night murder of six-year-old beauty-pageant winner Jon Benet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado, shocked the country and turned her millionaire parents, John and Patsy, into suspects. on December 26, and the distraught and weeping mother, a former Miss West Virginia and Miss America contender, let French in.

With sources deep inside the investigation and among Ramsey relatives and friends, Ann Louise Bardach reveals the story behind the dreadful crime and the bitter split between the D. Patrol Officer Richard French got to the home of John and Patsy Ramsey in the tony neighborhood adjacent to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado, within seven minutes of Patsy Ramsey’s 911 call reporting that their six-year-old daughter, child-beauty-pageant winner Jon Benet, had been kidnapped. “John Ramsey directed me through the house and pointed out a three-page handwritten note which was laid on the wooden floor just west of the kitchen area,” French reported.

According to the coroner’s report, Jon Benét’s official cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma and her death was classified as a homicide.

Named after her father, John Bennett, and her mother, Patricia, Jon Benét Patricia Ramsey was born on August 6, 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia.Their luxurious home was plush with everything Jon Benét needed to live a happy life.On the morning of December 26, 1996, Patsy Ramsey called the police after finding a 3-page ransom note demanding 8,000 for her daughter's safe return.Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy formally apologized in a letter to John Ramsey for the cloud of suspicion his family had lived under for nearly 12 years.However, recent 2016 evidence suggests that the DNA evidence is actually a mixture of DNA and more testing is expected.

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