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What would you do if you thought your boyfriend was going to break up with you?

Each of these things on their own may not mean much, but all of them at once? Source: Shutter Stock This one may seem completely obvious, but just listen up: if you guys have gotten into some pretty big fights and your BF threatens to break up with you but then doesn't... Sure, sometimes it may just be something he says to be dramatic in the moment, but combined with these other signs, it could mean he's actually serious - he's just afraid to go through with it. It's completely possible to pick up on subtle clues, so if your brain is screaming that something is wrong, listen up!

If he threatens it or hints at it during a fight and then you two make up, pay attention to how he is afterwards. If something feels really wrong, you need to talk to your boyfriend.

Take a look at these 8 signs that your boyfriend may want to break up with you.

Then, please, If your boyfriend suddenly has little to no time for you, this could be a major warning sign. Has he stopped answering your phone calls or started ignoring your texts?

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