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And as you wander around the property, keep an eye open for a ghost or two. The human ghost is Leona Helmsley, who owned the hotel for many years and often came for lengthy visits.Leona had been fading into the past, but with the rise of Donald Trump she is becoming relevant again.Fans already suspected the two were going on tour together, but Taylor confirmed the news via her Instagram Stories on Thursday.Hot weather plus nostalgia makes for a potent mix(tape). Miley touched on the shocking performance and revealed it inspired her decision to start the Happy Hippie Foundation.Continue Reading → Marvel’s “Black Panther” is breaking box office records and Amandla Stenberg says that they almost had a part in it.In an interview with CBC Arts, the actor revealed that they made it very far in the audition process before they decided to take their name out of the running.

For the period of 1991 and before, prior to the advent of Nielsen Music radio monitoring and point-of-sales data, the rankings are based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No.

The online reviews seem to be talking about two different hotels. The clientele is largely European, lured by low prices (off-season rates start at 9) and the incredible 600-foot stretch of beach right outside your door.

It’s like a motel in style, stuck in a 1980s remodel, with two pools, a tiki bar, and a surprisingly good—and rather expensive—dining room.

The two were arch-rivals in the world of New York real estate, and their feuds, fights and lawsuits entertained tabloid readers for decades.

He called her “a truly vicious human being.” “I can’t wait to read Trump’s new book,” she shot back. They could never quite enter the real Manhattan establishment—they were too brash, too greedy, too rough around the edges.

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