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But even if the car had been working and Marty didn’t have to sprint to the mall, the Libyans passed him in their van immediately after he tried to start the De Lorean.Ten minutes clearly wouldn’t have been enough time.And Marty had “all the time in the world” as he said! Maybe catch a movie at the X-rated theater or something. The classic easter-egg shot in , a frisbee, a Ronald Reagan LP and a quaint little piece from the ’80s, a Dustbuster.The film really did nail the 80s nostalgia, I’ll say that. When Marty and Doc are talking to the train conductor in 1885 about how fast a locomotive could go, you can see the clock from the clock tower being unloaded in the background. In he is using that same shirt as a balaclava when he and Marty “steal” the train. In the 90s, Stoltz re-invented himself, emerging as a capricious dramatic actor that seemed intent on swimming in the choppiest waters possible. I walked across the street, and he was like ‘Hey man, I was just thinking about you – I’ve got this script I want to give you’. He won widespread acclaim for his role as the scarred Joel Garcia, in the acclaimed “The Waterdance” (1992) – a film he also produced – and soon after, became a constant in some of the breakthrough Independent films of the time, namely, “Pulp Fiction” (1994). I remember being in the orchestra pit and looking up at the stage and realising that the actors seemed to be having a much better time than me. When did your association with Cameron Crowe start, was that “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”? So I thought, I might as well try that – it looks like fun.

There’s that great documentary on Coppola, about the making of Apocalypse Now, called Hearts of Darkness, where he says ‘The next Mozart is going to be a fourteen, fifteen year-old girl in Ohio’. There’s something behind it that’s not very prefab…that’s not very slick. I knew Quentin from the Sundance Festival – we were both there in ‘92 or ‘93. My wife loved “Chicago Hope” – but she didn’t catch it first time around, she only started watching it in repeats, which were on like two years back. I told her I was getting up to meet you this morning, and she was – in half-asleep voice – ‘Bobby’? I think the longest thing I’d ever done was a play that ran for nine months – and I started losing my mind. I loved the way he also put everyone down, in addition to firing them, in that episode. The show only lasted another twelve months after that. It worked for “The Practice” obviously, which is now “Boston Legal”.

Actor Eric Stoltz has played some very interesting, not to mention significantly diverse characters. I’d only ever seen two people walk like madmen at this time of the morning – I saw Chris Walken walking towards me at 6am once. Anyway, Quentin gave me the script for Killing Zoe. After Killing Zoe, I produced a film called Sleep with Me and I hired Quentin as an actor. We had two weeks of rehearsal on the sets, which is very rare – it was a low-budget film, about million at the time, so we had to really have our act together. I loved your final episode, where Mandy Patinkin comes back and fires everyone.

He played Stoner Bud in the legendary 1982 comedy hit “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, won raves for his turn as the disfigured Rocky Dennis in “Mask” (1985), won hearts as teen rebel Keith Nelson in John Hughes’ classic “Some Kind of Wonderful” (1987) and as Martin Brundle in “The Fly II” (1989), proved a man can ‘Fly’. Anyway, I saw this giant red watch, from some comic book or something – and I knew then, that it had to be Quentin. Quentin came down, and I think that’s when he gave me the Pulp Fiction script. We would go out and eat together, and it was lovely. It was so much fun – and I think that comes across in the film. When you’re doing something challenging and fun and everybody is in it for the right reasons it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a hit or not. Whenever I see anything from Pulp Fiction, a wonderful feeling just comes over me.

I recall you on “Mad About You” I think I did one a year- maybe two a year.

I was talking to James Van Der Beek the other day about “Rules of Attraction”…

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