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The two have also been seen together at a restaurant in Tokyo.

AKIRA’s management office said that it would not comment on his private life.

According to Nikkan Sports, Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya and actress Masami Nagasawa have been dating for about two years.

Their relationship developed after they appeared together in Fuji TV’s 2005 drama series “Yasashii Jikan.” It appears to have started out as a sibling-like connection, but it blossomed into romance.

Very very unfortunatelly Nagasawa does have a Boyfriend , his name is Kazunari Ninomiya she has been secretly going out with him for over 2 years, he stars in films like Letters from Iwo Jima.

Hope this finally clarifies the secrets about her relationship.

They both went to the same elementary school and middle school, though several years apart.Nagasawa’s side has not yet been reached for comment.Meanwhile, Sankei Sports also reported today that the rumored relationship between EXILE member HIRO and actress Ueto Aya still seems to be going strong.The plot is based on the true The Beijing-based exec, whose firm bought Digital Domain in 2012, was felled by a sudden heart attack.According to the Sankei Sports newspaper, actress Nagasawa Masami (23) and EXILE member AKIRA (29) are currently in a romantic relationship.

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