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Called #OURMOB, the series features four short videos of young people and poetry by Oliver, along with Murri artist Ancestress, which focus on themes of belonging, self-care and resilience.The series aims to promote social connectedness, connection to land, culture and spirituality are just some of the protective factors that can help tackle the underlying causes linked to high youth suicide rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Inconveniently, in April 2016 the PNG Supreme Court found that the centre violated the PNG Constitution by imprisoning almost 900 people who had not committed any crime.

The son of New Zealander James Michael Joyce and quite possibly a blood blister (coagulate conception, which might explain his ignorance as to his own New Zealand citizenship), Mr Joyce has been a consistent perpetrator of misdeeds significantly worse than philandering, nepotism, and indoor hat-wearing.

It is this highlight reel of misdeeds that, in the wake of his significant demotion, now reflect far more poorly on the voting public than he: The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group supports the struggles of refugees, who are simply demanding their legal rights to asylum.

Barnaby Joyces shortcomings as a representative of the Australian people have unfortunately been overshadowed by his problematic relationship with, and subsequent nepotism on behalf of, one of his staffers.

I dont see any utility in repeating her name every human satellite in his life, decommissioned or freshly thrust into his orbit, deserves a bit of a break from the million media telescopes.

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