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The other videos will be released, once a week during March.The second video in the series is called #BIGGESTMOB, and features young people sharing their identity through country.Nominally run by the Papua New Guinea Government, it was in reality operated by the Australian Government using remote control.Inconveniently, in April 2016 the PNG Supreme Court found that the centre violated the PNG Constitution by imprisoning almost 900 people who had not committed any crime.The son of New Zealander James Michael Joyce and quite possibly a blood blister (coagulate conception, which might explain his ignorance as to his own New Zealand citizenship), Mr Joyce has been a consistent perpetrator of misdeeds significantly worse than philandering, nepotism, and indoor hat-wearing.It is this highlight reel of misdeeds that, in the wake of his significant demotion, now reflect far more poorly on the voting public than he: The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group supports the struggles of refugees, who are simply demanding their legal rights to asylum.We were adamant that our activism for queer rights would help to gather the momentum needed for fair and just legislation which not only legalizes same sex marriage, but also protects same sex couples from any other forms of discrimination.Our efforts, along with those of many others in our community, eventually led to a legally non-binding postal plebiscite with a collateral damage of 2 million taxpayer dollars, which may not have been the most cost-effective or the most ideal resolution.

The AOG is called ACC or Australian Christian Churches in Australia.

America is now in a state of terminal self-destruction. The socio-economic damage will not be as enduring, had Mr Trump took to Twitter early on Friday morning US time to shoot off a tweet attacking the actor for his portrayal of the US President on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, Mr Trumps spelling was not so crash hot so early in the morning. The article below was written by me and published on this site on 8 December last year.

And the one with the greatest potential and greatest advantages of all. Mr Trump was not amused, and let his 48 million Twitter followers know it.

Barnaby Joyces shortcomings as a representative of the Australian people have unfortunately been overshadowed by his problematic relationship with, and subsequent nepotism on behalf of, one of his staffers.

I dont see any utility in repeating her name every human satellite in his life, decommissioned or freshly thrust into his orbit, deserves a bit of a break from the million media telescopes.

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