Fluoridating geelong waters

It was not until pictures of her Barna-baby bulging belly that Australia decided to hold hands together in moral high-horsery and condemn this man over what, realistically speaking, is his least socially, environmentally, and economically damaging decision.

I dont see any utility in repeating her name every human satellite in his life, decommissioned or freshly thrust into his orbit, deserves a bit of a break from the million media telescopes.

When I was 13 my mother gave me some advice which only now, thanks to Barnaby Joyce, makes complete sense: Be careful where you put your pen, AND be careful where you put your penis.

Our outrage at Barnabys inability to have heeded the latter half of that sentence is a gross indictment of our failure to have had the adequate means, interest, or both, to have been hard enough on his gross negligence of the advices former half.

This is truly a historic and impressive achievement for Australia.

To celebrate the recent success of our marriage equality campaign, Amnesty International Australia has given two interstate queer rights activists the opportunity to attend this years Mardi Gras and I have been incredibly blessed to be selected as one of them.

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