Dating psychology student

”I managed to fake a laugh the first two or three times I heard this, but it is beyond a joke now (although the majority of my friends and family do most definitely need therapy).“That’s so girly”The subject is female-dominated at the moment, yes, but more men are taking the course than ever before.

The majority of lecturers are male, and the content is definitely not "feminine".“So it’s a science then?

Prior studies found that men’s and women’s dating expectations include many similar activities.

Here, two studies are reported focusing on activities included in scripts for a “typical date” using first a more qualitative method and then a more quantitative method.

”This scathing remark and its accompanied sneer tends to come from students studying science such as biology, chemistry, or biochemistry.

There are still a lot of people who think psychology is not a real subject.

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Your edition of the APA publication manual is dog-eared and the pages are filled with yellow highlighter marks.You understand what significance levels, t-tests, standard deviations, and z-scores are. That inevitable response when you get when you utter those fateful words “I’m a psychology student”.You once used operant conditioning to train your roommate to stop leaving his dirty laundry on the floor in your apartment.You are pretty sure that your academic advisor has an oral fixation – he’s always chewing on something, be it a pen, his fingernails, or a stick of gum.

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